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E103 Finding your Project Management Purpose with Ricardo Sastre Martin

Season #5

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, PMO Joe chats with Ricardo Sastre Martin who joined us live from Spain. Ricardo is a leader in our industry with over 16 years experience as a Project Manager, PMO Leader and Consultant. He is also holds the #2 ranking in the Thinkers360 Project Management category.

Ricardo and PMO Joe chatted about having a Growth Mindset, with Ricardo sharing, “the pace of change in the world is so dramatic that if you are not learning continuously you are going to be out of the race because things are changing very fast right now so you have to keep learning.” Ricardo works for Microsoft which promotes the growth mindset, “here at Microsoft we have some time allocated in our daily work or weekly work for training because the company really believes in the need and the power of training and continuous learning.”

Ricardo also shares his perspectives on Artificial Intelligence in Project Management, the Project Economy, and having Purpose with his work. He shared, “So always try to have a purpose, because if you don't have a purpose, you cannot guide where are you going. So you cannot define your goals and you cannot define what are you going to do to achieve those goals. So at the end, you are kind of lost. So we all need to have a purpose mission in our life, not only in our career.”

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