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E104 The Amazing Project Management talent in Latin America and El Salvador

Season #5

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, PMO Joe chats with Lucho Guardado, Sven Guzman, Camila Maldonado, Ivette Torres, and Yvan Cucalon.  We covered a lot of ground in this discussion including some exciting announcements about The PMO Leader and partnerships, the Business Engineering program at ESEN University, alumni success stories and the growing pool of project management talent in El Salvador and across Latin America.

Lucho is the VP of PMO and Bid Management Americas Region for Webhelp.  In this episode we also announced that he is joining The PMO Leader community as a member of the Board of Advisors.  He brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to help the community expand their reach and influence in Latin America and beyond.

Sven is the Dean of Business Engineering at ESEN University in El Salvador.  We announced during the episode that ESEN University and The PMO Leader global community have partnered to develop programs supporting the students of ESEN while fostering growth within the community by organizing ESEN students to work consulting projects supporting our member organizations.

We were also joined by 3 alumni from the ESEN Business Engineering program who have gone on to establish successful professional careers.  They shared some of the success stories including winning the PMO of the Year Americas from the PMO Global Alliance, winning competitions during time as students at ESEN, and building lasting relationship.

Lucho, Sven, Camila, Ivette, and Yvan continue their discussion about people and influences who have helped shape their careers.  Be sure to catch the complete conversation and listen to the full episode.

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