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E105 Wartime PMO Leadership featuring Mariia Abdullina

Season #5

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, PMO Joe welcomed Mariia Abdullina, Oleg Matseliukh, and Mykola Stefanyshyn who joined live from Ukraine. We discussed conditions in Ukraine, leading a PMO during wartime, Business Continuity, and so much more.

Mariia is Head of Project Portfolio and Efficiency Management Division for Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine. She shared the important role the PMO has is ensuring the bank remains operational and supports clients across Ukraine as well as those who have left the country. Mariia also shared the steps team members have taken to continue working while facing the challenges of the ongoing war.

Oleg is the Chief Development and Support Manager of Project Management Office for Raiffeisen. While we are often consumed by the news cycle, Oleg let us know that everyday life continues. During the war he has been married and got a new puppy and of course working to drive the business continuity efforts to ensure the bank continues to serve customers.

Mykola is the Chief Analyst of Project Management Office for Raiffeisen. He is located in western Ukraine in Lviv and he shared his perspective being located outside the area facing most of the direct fighting. He told us stories of team members taking on additional responsibilities beyond their normal role, having a “whatever it takes” mindset to get the job done.

Mariia, Oleg, and Mykola continue their discussion about leading the PMO efforts, how COVID prepared them and so much more.

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