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E107 Now that's Smart with Melissa McDonald

Season #5

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, PMO Joe welcomed Melissa McDonald for an in-studio discussion. We get to hear Melissa share the story behind starting her own consulting firm and why she’s called The Smart PM! Melissa and Joe also discussed Smartsheet, PMO Leadership, Benefits of starting your own business, Serving in the military and so much more.

Melissa is the Founder and Managing Director of The Smart PM LLC, a Woman Veteran Owned Small Business that provides expert Project Management services and support through the advanced use and development of Smartsheet's collaborative work management platform. She shared, “My niche is Smartsheet. It was a tool that I found a couple of years back and I've brought it to different organizations with me and it's been a great tool.”

Why Smartsheet? “I needed something more than Excel, not as difficult as MS Project for that. So I'd heard of Smartsheet and I looked into it, and you can start off small. You don't have to buy a huge program.” Wonder where the Smart PM name comes from? As PMO Joe said, “So, Smart PM tremendous experience, served our country, supported our country also as a military spouse, educated in universities and in the military, educated in the use of technology to support industry. Folks, I'm trying to build if you're wondering where the Smart PM name comes from, it's all of these things contributing.”

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