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E109 Utilizing Research in Project Management with Robert Joslin

Season #5

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, PMO Joe welcomed Robert Joslin to the show. We get to hear Robert share his story and learn about the founding of AIPMO. Robert and Joe also discussed global associations, industry research, Agile in PMOs and so much more.

Robert is a Portfolio/project/program management consultant, professor, and engineer. He has 25 plus years in designing, initiating management delivery of business transformation, reengineering, infrastructure, and strategy development including winning national prizes for ideas and product innovation.

Why start AIPMO? “AIPMO stands for the Association of International Project Management Officers. So really the association should be about the individuals rather than the project management office itself. So the O could be officers or office, depending on how you use the term. And the reason I actually set up AIPMO back in 2015 was having worked on projects pretty much all my life and experienced projects, good ones, poor ones, you realize actually in the projects that are poorly run, how it actually impacts individuals.”

What differences do you find with PMOs from different regions around the world? “I actually call Saudi Arabia the Kingdom of PMOs because it has so many structured PMOs run by consulting companies like McKinsey, for example. PwC is big into PMOs. So really Saudi Arabia has maybe surprising to some, it's extremely advanced in the way that PMOs they've actually developed.”

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