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E110 Making an Impact with Project Management featuring Milan Dordevic

Season #5

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, PMO Joe welcomed Milan Dordevic for an in-studio discussion. We get to hear Milan share his story and how he began a career in Project Management spanning many countries and industries. Milan and Joe also discussed Leadership, Certifications, Artificial Intelligence and so much more.

Milan is a certified project management expert and leader, author, speaker, and business and technology mentor for high-tech start-ups. His expertise is in complex & remote project and product management, organizational development, and change, all of which he has gained over the course of 15 years. Through dynamic leadership and vision, he is driving business and product innovation, automatization, digitalization, program efficiency, and scaling agility in the organization.

Milan has made a big impact in his career and when asked about how did he do so much so quickly he shared, “I was never afraid of doing some project or taking the project or jumping into something that I didn't know I was learning by doing. In the meanwhile, every night I was reading about it, I was enrolling myself, currently in parallel with my family.”

When asked about some lessons learned during his experiences Milan shared, “I think the biggest mistake that people, organization do, they read about some methodology, they read about some approach or they hear that one company succeeded because they did it in that way and they want to do the same. So there is one person who succeed. He was doing it the same way and you want to do the same. No, but you are in different industry, you have different products, your story is different. You need to take all those things into consideration and apply to your organization company approach. So you cannot implement. There are probably chances that you will succeed, but there are plenty of approaches, plenty of methodologies, frameworks, and you can select one of them or you can make even better, custom one, select the best from all of them and apply to your organization. Make a custom fit.”

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