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E111 The Dynamic Career of an International PMO Leader featuring Mayte Mata Sivera

Season #5

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, PMO Joe welcomed Mayte Mata Sivera. Mayte shares her story of the personal and professional challenges and successes as a multi-cultural international PMO and Project Management Leader. Mayte and Joe also discussed The PMO Leader, Volunteering, PMI and so much more in this fast-moving hour-long discussion.

Mayte is a PMO Director, a PMP certification holder, ScrumAtScale Practitioner and recently she earned the Product Owner Certification. She enjoys public speaking engagements and is a passionate volunteer at PMI and PMI Local Chapters. For six years, she has been a volunteer at TEDxSaltLakeCity. She is also now the Americas Ambassador for The PMO Leader global community. She has more than 15 years of experience leading teams and programs & projects around the world, and her passion is to share her knowledge and nonstop learning from volunteer opportunities.

Mayte discussed her move to the United States and the challenges that can come with an international move, “Yeah, that was a big challenge. I was working with a lot of projects around France and with French speakers, so I realized that I was in a meeting and my English level was very low. And if I really wanted to succeed and if you really want to learn a language.”

We discussed some strategies for working from home in this new remote work world. Mayte shared some of her tips including, “What I did is every six months I changed my office. So if now I have the table looking at the window in the next six months, I change the table like that. I don't get bored to be always in the same place. And like you, I set an alarm. And when I have work that is more reading emails or supporting people. Sometimes I take some calls working around the backyard, other times I answer some emails from the living room.”

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