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E112 The inside scoop on Citizen Development from Amtrak, PMI and TrackVia

Season #5

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, PMO Joe welcomed Dali Ninkovic from PMI, Matt Hubbard from TrackVia and Michael McCullough from Amtrak. The topic of discussion for this episode is Citizen Development, what is it and why should you care as a project professional.

Dalibor (Dali) Ninkovic is responsible for PMI Citizen Developer global B2C and Community business. Over the years, Dali has worked in the low-code and no-code industry through a variety of both, technical as well as commercial roles before joining PMI and firmly believes in democratization of software development. He is a strong supporter of citizen development movement with its hyper-agile approach to digital transformation.

Matt Hubbard is a pioneer on a mission to usher in a new era of productivity through citizen development. Matt caught the citizen developer bug in 2011 after he built his first no-code app on TrackVia in 2011. The app took him 8 hours to create but saved him 200 hours of manual labor per year. Today, Matt is Head of Operational Excellence at TrackVia where he teaches individuals how to become citizen developers and organizations how to scale that capability in a safe and effective way.

Michael McCullough is a Citizen Development Implementation Strategist who over the past 8 years has supported large project management offices by developing tools and processes which enable projects to be run more efficiently. His passion for innovation and problem solving has led him to embrace and become a global thought leader for Citizen Development. Seeing the unlimited potential in Citizen Development he has worked with Business Leaders, Project Managers, and other Citizen Developers to develop and implement CitDev best practices.

In our discussion we explored what is Citizen Development and why is it important for PMI. We learned about the benefits Amtrak has reaped utilizing the low code, no code Citizen Development platform. Dali, Matt, and Michael share their experiences with onboarding CD within organizations and challenges to overcome. If you’re looking to understand Citizen Development and why it matters to you as a project professional then this is the episode you need to hear.

Listen to the full episode to hear the full story from Dali, Matt and Michael. Be sure to catch the complete conversation and listen to the full episode.

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