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E115 Moving at LitheSpeed with Sanjiv Augustine

Season #5

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, PMO Joe welcomed Sanjiv Augustine, CEO and Founder of LitheSpeed.  Sanjiv shared his story and the origins of LitheSpeed.  We also hear challenges that organizations are facing and to overcome them.  We learn about the Value Management Office, VMO, and how do you go about setting one up.   

Sanjiv Augustine is an entrepreneur, industry-leading agile and lean expert, author, speaker, management consultant and trainer. With over 30 years in the industry, Sanjiv has served as a trusted advisor to executives and management at leading firms including:  Capital One, The Capital Group, CNBC, Comcast, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, General Dynamics, HCA Healthcare, Huntington Bank, The Motley Fool, National Geographic, Nationwide Insurance, Walmart and Samsung.

Sanjiv shared his insights on 4 keys to move from a PMO to a VMO.  You can learn more about these insights by picking up his book, PMO to VMO Managing for Value Delivery.  First is to transition from a project model to a product model.  Second, moving from large batches to small batches.  Sanjiv said, “Now in today's world, because things are moving so much faster, it's much better to say what is the smallest piece of value that I can deliver to my customers as quickly as possible?” 

Third, is to track business outcomes or value and not just outputs.  Lastly, is to shift from command and control, top-down management to leadership and collaboration.  Sanjiv stated, “So, in a nutshell, project to product mindset, change large batch to small batch, tracking outcomes towards value, delivery value, not just outputs. And then transitioning from command and control to leadership collaboration.”

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