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There are so many consulting firms across the US but very few only provide PMO and Project Management expertise.  Our Project Delivery experts have over 100 years experience leading successful Agile, PMO and Project Management engagements.



Industry statistics show project success rates hover around 50-55%.  What are the success rates within your organization?  We also understand not all organizations have dedicated Project Management resources and utilize Accidental Project Managers to lead critical Strategic Initiatives.  The PMO Squad team of experienced Project Management professionals assists clients who need help rescuing a project which has gone off the rails, leading high-priority projects and providing the Project Management templates and tools to get your projects organized.  

Request The PMO Squad to rescue your failing projects.


Understand Why your PMO exists before building your processes and governing your work.  It is critical to your long-term success to establish Executive Alignment around your PMO Purpose.

Choose The PMO Squad to lead your high priority projects


It is still important to have a Playbook to build consistency and guide the organization.  The North-Star for the Playbook is your Purpose, once established now you can define your tactics.

The PMO Squad helps you build Vendor Management process built for success


Train, Trust, Deliver.  These are the fundamental elements of Empowering Your People.  Prepare your team to become effective project leaders and then provide the support they need to be 

Establish Organizational Change Management processes with assistance from The PMO Squad


PMO Leaders have confused project measurements with PMO measurements.  Effective PMO Leadership requires that we establish a Measurement System to drive Value to the organization.

Learn effective Stakeholder Management from The PMO Squad consultants


PMO Leaders need the proper business acumen and organizational agility to understand how to communicate the value generated within the PMO.  It isn't good enough to just measure, you must communicate as well.

Project Management templates from The PMO Squad


Set it and forget it.  That is how PMOs used to operate.  Build a methodology, train your team and organization then become an Operations Manager.  New Era PMO Leadership requires consistent optimization and value delivery.


Take the steps to get your Project Management Journey back on track.


Jason Prentice from Spectrum Technologies testimonial for The PMO Squad


THE PMO SQUAD was critical to the successful deployment of our ERP, their expert guidance and experience helped deliver the project on time and budget and exceeded the stakeholder expectations. 

Jason Prentice, COO, Spectrum Technologies

Jenny Babich with Make A Wish America testimonial for The PMO Squad


He is GREAT! He is a really quick learner, lead a brainstorm meeting today and did a fantastic job, and his personality is a really great fit with the team.He really is amazing – both from a skillset standpoint and from a personality standpoint. My team loves him and doesn’t ever want him to go.

Jenny Babich, Make A Wish America

Jenny Babich with Make A Wish America testimonial for The PMO Squad


Things are going great. The project has reached the required speed and I feel very comfortable.  We are seeing great progress. Thanks again for your help and looking forward for a successful completion of this project!

Alexandro Briones, GM, NatureSweet Tomatoes


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