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We don't often think Innovation when we discuss Project Management and PMOs but that is exactly what we need in today's Project Economy.  To change our outcomes we need to change our approach.  With that in mind, we provide the breakthrough Purpose Driven PMO.  Our framework was built after years of research, experience and trial with global PMO Leaders.

What is a PMO?

A PMO is a team or department that defines and maintains project management and delivery standards within an organization. The PMO is responsible for defining delivery processes, managing project management resources, running projects, and ensuring the project delivery team is providing value to the organization. 

The design and structure of your PMO will be unique to your organization.  No two PMOs are the same.  What works at one organization may not work at your organization so you must understand how to build a PMO that fits your company needs.  You must understand your PMO Purpose.







Most PMOs define themselves as a Project Management Office.  Some are a Program Management Office and others consider themselves a Portfolio Management Office.  We also see the Agile Management Office and the Value Management Office starting to replace the traditional PMO.  

Confused as to what exactly is a PMO?  You aren't alone.  Since a PMO goes by many names, leaders and team members often add their own definition for their PMO.

We have helped to end this confusion by going back to basics.  First, define your PMO Purpose.  Second, Measure how well your PMO is performing.  Third, Optimize your PMO to ensure you deliver value to your organization.

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How To Lead a Successful PMO


Why Does Your PMO Exist?


How Does Your PMO Provide Value?


How Does Your PMO Stay Relevant?

The PURPOSE DRIVEN PMO framework was built because there are limited tools to help PMO Leaders find success leading PMO's regardless of company size, industry, methodology or geography.  

The framework was created with input from global PMO Leaders, years of client success, and evaluating the top PMOs in the world.  The consistent theme for all PMOs was simple, PMO Leadership is the #1 determiner of PMO Success.  The PMO Leader must be able to address these 3 questions to succeed.

Driver #1 - PURPOSE

As Simon Sinek says, "It Starts with Why."  Far too often PMO Leaders are working on an island.  Alone in their thoughts of what defines a successful PMO.  Truly successful PMOs make it because they have had time to allow their system to mature.  They are afforded this time because they are working with the organizational leaders to define a joint understanding of success.  This is the PMO Purpose.


Define Your PMO Purpose


Build Your PMO Playbook


Empower Your PMO Team

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People are the drivers of all organizational success.  People create products.  People develop solutions.  People create culture.

We see successful PMOs who empower their people to deliver results.  They place people over process and results over audits.  

The Purpose Driven PMO starts with Purpose but our engine is driven by the people.  Successful PMO Leaders trust their team to succeed.

Driver #2 - MEASURE

As Peter Drucker says, "You can't manage what you don't measure."  PMO Leaders have done a good job measuring projects but done poorly with PMO measures.  Providing a listing of Red/Yellow/Green project status does not evaluate PMO performance.  The PMO Leader must also communicate to stakeholders the value the PMO is delivering to the organization, customers, and shareholders.  Transparency with PMO performance will build trust and support for PMO initiatives and leadership.


Measure Your PMO Value


Communicate Your PMO Value

The majority of all PMO Leaders are former Project Managers promoted to lead the PMO.  They have excelled at leading projects, but how are they doing leading the PMO function?

We have consistently found that PMO Leaders do not receive Leadership Training, Mentoring, nor Coaching to help them become successful Organizational Leaders.

Building leadership skills such as business acumen, managerial courage, and delegation will help to develop the PMO Leader and drive PMO value for the organization.


Driver #3 - OPTIMIZE

As Tom Peters says, "Excellent firms don't believe in excellence - only in constant improvement and constant change."  It's not whether or not change will occur, rather it is how we respond to the change that matter most.  When was the last time you reviewed and modified your PMO methodology?  When was the last time you made changes with your PMO team?  Optimization is critical as change is inevitable.


Optimize Your PMO Playbook


Optimize Your PMO Team


The Purpose Driven PMO is the industry standard for PMO success.  Our methodology starts with Purpose and is driven by Empowering People.


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