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Consulting Services From The PMO Squad

Our Consulting Services are built specifically to address the challenges organizations and PMO Leaders face navigating the many twists and turns on your Project Management Journey.  Whether you are just getting starting or looking to reach your ultimate maturity we understand the journey can be difficult to travel alone.  Utilize our team of PMO Leaders and Project Delivery Experts to push forward delivering Agile, PPM, Project Management and PMO solutions to help you reach your goals.


The PMO for many organizations is the function responsible for delivering on Strategic Initiatives.  However, PMOs often come up short and fail to meet expectations.  Our research indicates...

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Every organization in every industry runs projects.  However, not every organization excels delivering successful projects.  Are you seeking assistance or guidance when your team needs...

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Organizations across the globe are becoming more agile and utilizing purely Agile or Hybrid methodologies to deliver projects.  Our Agile Practice works with your team to implement and improve your agile delivery capabilities... 

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Are you using spreadsheets and powerpoint to run your PMO or project teams?  Perhaps you're utilizing a state of the art enterprise PPM solution.  Regardless your technology solution we provide...

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Rob Milstead SVP Genuine Parts Company supporting The PMO Squad


THE PMO SQUAD was critical to our success implementing our new eCommerce site. We value our long-term partnership with THE PMO SQUAD and continue to utilize their leadership and expertise as we expand our Digital team and eCommerce platform.” 

-Rob Milstead, SVP, Genuine Parts Company

James McDonald GM of Cactus Semiconductor supporting The PMO Squad.


THE PMO SQUAD did a thorough and efficient assessment of our project management state.  Upon completion of the assessment they were able to make recommendations and help us implement those changes to vastly improve our project management processes.   This resulted in better real-time understanding of our performance to budget and schedule of our projects." 

- James McDonald, GM, Cirtec Medical

Jason Prentice COO of Spectrum Technologies supporting The PMO Squad


Trusting the PMO SQUAD to manage our most ambitious and impactful project in 10 years was not easy, but they were key to producing success, I look forward to working with the PMO Squad for many years to come 

- Jason Prentice, COO, Spectrum Technologies


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