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Celebrate International PMO Day May 9!

career growth pmo pmo day project management teams May 03, 2023
Celebrate International PMO Day May 9!

People love a reason to celebrate. For example, there’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day (January 14), National Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19), National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (last Monday in January), and even International Pillow Fight Day (first Saturday in April).  

Yes, those are all real, and yes, even crazier events have made it onto our national and international calendars! 

But, a brand-new celebration is cranking up this year that we’re sure you’ll be interested in: International PMO Day! 

International PMO Day - What Is It? 

International PMO Day is a special day to highlight, show appreciation for, promote, and celebrate PMOs. Let’s face it, PMOs are sometimes the unsung heroes in companies. When a PMO operates effectively, people may not even know they exist, as their projects make minimal noise and quickly start delivering value. 

Well, International PMO Day sings the praises of these unsung heroes! It’s the one day each year (the second Tuesday of May, to be exact) that project managers, PMO leaders, and PMO executives can all celebrate their work together! 

How Can You Celebrate with Us? 

Sounds great, but at this late hour, where do you even begin in planning for this special day? Here are a few ideas to get you started, depending on your role in the organization: 

Can you see a theme developing? Be mindful, be appreciative, and say thank you. Take a moment to reflect on all the good work that’s been done, look at the future in new ways, and to connect with others. 

Want even more ideas to make International PMO Day a big deal for your company? Spend some time on the International PMO Day site! Then, show the world your pictures, events, celebrations, stories and whatever else you come up with to celebrate #intlPMODay. We’ll highlight your posts on the International PMO Day site to share with everyone! 

Get Involved for Next Year, Now 

This may be the first time you have heard about International PMO Day, and we hope you can pull something together over the next couple of days to make this a special day for your teams. Project managers, PMO leaders, and executives are planners, so, sign up using the form on our community page to get a head start on our second International PMO Day on May 14, 2024.   

Share your International PMO Day #intlPMODay and we’ll see you all on May 9! 

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