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E102 Project Management Research, Key Findings with Louise Worsley

Season #5

In this episode of Project Management Office Hours, PMO Joe chats with Louise Worsley.  Louise is a consultant, lecturer and coach in the Project Management industry for over 30 years.  She shared several stories and experiences with us including key points from years of research conducted for several organizations.

Louise leads the leadership module on the Masters in Project Management at the University of Cape Town and is the author of several books and publications on portfolio and project management, including Stakeholder-led Project Management: Changing the way we manage projects.

Louise and PMO Joe chatted about Leadership, with Louise sharing, “And for me, the currency of leadership is relationships. So I had to build those relationships in the University so that I could run this relatively complex program and build that coalition of support that we needed in order to do this major change program. And I think I personally had to change. I have to now focus not on doing things, but on creating those connections. And I think that for me was when I started to feel, gosh, this is what it means to be a manager. Here's what it means to run projects.” 

We also learned quite a bit about the research Louise has conducted over the years.  What important findings can we learn from research.  Is there a method or process that is more successful than another?  She shared, “what we also found is that you could have one person using the same method and another person using the same method. One was incredibly successful, one was incredibly unsuccessful. So what was different about the people? What really mattered? So we went and measured their high performing project managers and looked at them. And I think one of the interesting first, the most important behavioral competence came out. And I've mentioned this before was integrity.”

Louise and PMO Joe continue their discussion about the various research findings and what to look for with successful project management.  Be sure to catch all the conversations and listen to the full episode:

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