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"Put Me In, Coach"

Throughout our youth we relied on coaches to help us maximize our potential in dance, gymnastics, football, music, academics, or your favorite activity of choice.  The top professional athletes, musicians, and actors all utilize coaches to help them reach their potential.  I’m sure you probably have fond memories of your Coach pushing you from the sidelines with their clipboard and whistle providing clear direction on the strategies and tactics to push you. I’ve had countless discussions with peers who recall that special Coach from their past who forever helped mold their principles, drive, and work ethic. For me, that was Coach Gold my high-school baseball Coach.    

Fast forward to now. Who is helping you reach your professional potential as a Project Manager or PMO Leader?  Who is your “Coach Gold” helping you break through barriers and reach your career goals?  Who is your project management career coach supporting you on from win to win? That’s exactly what you’ll get with this month’s offer from PMO Joe – four months of coaching sessions for the first five people to register! Make your next project management season the best one yet by taking advantage of this offer now. 

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Why Do You Need a Coach?   

A coach is a private tutor, or someone who instructs or trains. Below are a few symptoms you could be experiencing that would indicate it’s time to use a coach.  

  • You Are Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again - You’ve been in the PM profession for some time now and you’ve done nothing new or different for years. You are still using the original PM methodology when you started with the company, same PM software, and outdated templates and processes.  
  • You Are Not Sure What Your Potential Is - You think you could do more, but you’ve never been given the chance. You’d like to tackle larger or more complex projects to grow in your career, but you’re stuck with the same type of projects year after year. Plus, you may not know what opportunities and even salaries exist outside of your organization. 
  • Your Job is Getting Stale - You can get projects completed on time, in scope, and under budget in your sleep. But it’s not nearly as exciting as it used to be, and you’re not seeing how your work ties into the bigger picture or even matters. 

What Happens if You Don’t Have a Coach? 

The consequences of working your entire life without any coaching are significant. You will experience–or may have already experienced–the following in your PM career: 

  • Others Around You Are Getting Promotions - Remember the lady that started a couple of years after you? Well, she’s your new boss! Or, your peers are being snapped up by other business units, handed nice budgets, and given the opportunity to show what they can do. You are being overlooked. 
  • You Feel Like You Are Standing Still - The company, customers, and industry all feel like they are moving forward. They are working on new things, trying out new systems and processes, and getting cool results. You, on the other hand, feel like you are left standing on the platform as the train pulls away from the station. 
  • Your Skills and Abilities Become Outdated - You might as well be wearing a leisure suit from the 70s while doing a PERT Chart by hand. You could be struggling with the demands put upon you now, which require you to manage and report out on multiple projects or allocate resources in the most efficient way possible.  

Coaching is the Solution

If you’re experiencing any of the above, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Coaching is the solution! We will help you: 

  • Create Better Goals - Know what’s possible and more importantly, what you have the potential of accomplishing. This translates into achievable stretch-goals that help you deliver projects better. 
  • Learn New Skills - A big part of coaching is training, or up-skilling. Coaching will help you identify what skills are needed and the best way to achieve them. 
  • Feel More Motivated - Connecting with someone from outside your company with fresh ideas, perspectives, and experience is energizing. This energy translates into more motivation for you and your teams. 
  • Improve Productivity - Better goals, new skills, and higher energy can only mean one thing–higher productivity. Leave at the end of each day knowing you and your team are performing at optimal levels. 
  • Discover the Unknown Unknowns -You don’t know what you don’t know. But, a coach knows what you don’t know. Turn these unknown unknowns into known knowns! 

Hire PMO Joe as Your Private Coach! 

The first 5 people who sign up will receive coaching with 2022 PMO Influencer of the Year Finalist PMO Joe for 4 months! Here are the details: 

  • Coaching sessions will be held September - December 2022. 
  • Each month will focus on different skills and aptitudes to help further your career. 
  • Space is VERY limited. PMO Joe only has capacity for One-on-One Coaching with 5 people. 
  • Includes ongoing support even after the sessions complete. We want to make sure you succeed! 

Normally this program costs over $2,499, but in celebration of PMO Joe being named one of the finalists for World PMO Influencer of the Year, this One-on-One Coaching Program is being offered for only $999! 

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